Bill, Please!


Bill, Please! is Jessica Han’s final undergraduate film project. It is a short film about two girls fighting to pay for the bill at the end of a meal. You can watch the film in HD on vimeo!

It is inspired by an incident that happened between her and her best friend. The film is shot on the DSLR cameras: Canon 7D and 5D Mark II.

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current as of Nov 2014

current as of Nov 2014

NSI Short Film Festival (2015)
Printemps lesbien de Toulouse festival (2015)
Des images aux mots (2015)
Videoqueer at Florence Queer Festival (2014)
Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival (2014)
London (Ontario) Lesbian Film Festival (Apr 2014)
Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Mar 2014)
Entzaubert Film Festival (Berlin, 2013)
Vancouver Queer Film Festival (2013, The Coast is Queer Award, OutTV Hot Pink Shorts Award, Gerry Brunet Memorial Award)
Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto, 2012)
Athens (Ohio) International Film + Video Festival (2012)
Illinois International Film Festival (2011, Best International Comedy Short)
Montreal World Film Festival (2011)

Download a copy of the Bill, Please! EPK.

Or read about the film in an interview with!

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